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Help, I'm so worried!

Hi, my name is Simon and I'm from Sweden. I know what it is like to be really worried, a situation that feels really horrendous. These worries build up these pressures and everything is just focused on this one single thing . One can get so worried that one has trouble sleeping. It's like you just can't relax until you know for sure that this thing isn't true or isn't gonna happen. You just can't let go of this thought of this thing you're so worried about is gonna happen. This thing, it just MUST NOT happen.   Reasoning back and forth whether this thing is true or not, analyzing it from all directions, trying to find info about it. Please don't let it be true. 

I've written below some things that I find helpful when I'm in these situations. Cause believe me, I've been in these situations. I was worried sick that I had diabetes a while ago. All the facts were pointing towards it. I was sure I had it and I was not feeling about that fact. I couldn't sleep, it just felt so horrendous, I had trouble concentrating on normal things. But as it turned out, I didn't have diabetes. That was just one example and believe me, there are more. Now hope the below will help you. I tried to make it the page I wanted to find when I was in your situation.

Is there anyway you can get more information to whether this thing is true or not, to lessen the uncertainty and the worry. If your worried for example about some pain in your stomach maybe you can call a doctor. It's worth it even if you feel silly. Otherwise you could check out the Internet and see if there's any info there.

Is there anyone else you can call or talk to. Talking to someone does really help. Being two about the thing feels better.

Did you talk to someone about this and he or she did not share your worrying beliefs. That increases the probability that this thing might not happen. If someone else is also worried about the same thing then at least your not alone.

It is never as bad as you think. The mind tends to make things worse than they really are.

Could it be that someone else out there right now is in the same kind of situation and is having the same thoughts and same worrying feelings about it as you are. I'd tell you, the chances are actually pretty good.

Realize that the worst thing that could happen to you is that you plant an atom bomb in the centre of the earth and blow the whole world up. So it could be worse.

Maybe you're worried it's always gonna be like this, or a feeling you have is always gonna be there. I promise, it never does. Soon the mind gets tired of thinking that thought or having that feeling and decides almost automatically to think about something else. Things go away. We just THINK they don't.

Realize that at this moment your not worried about other things that you usually are worried about. Normally you could be worried about asking a girl or boy to dance or holding a speech.

Often our imaginative mind gets carried away and starts fantasizing and speculating about disasters and catastrophies (not a very helpful mind..) and we often see them as reality without realizing that they are only guesses are mind has made. It usually helps me to pretend I'm some sort of rational scientist-detective-general looking at the situation objectively: What are really the facts and what are only conclusion, fantasies. What are other possible alternatives. Can we create a  strategy on how to dissolve this bugger situation.  Our soldiers planning, preparing to go on the offensive against this bugger situation. 

Ask yourself what you REALLY think. Try to be rational. Is this thing really true. Often it is a worrying inner voice that says it's true without giving us a chance to check for ourselves if it really seems reasonable that this thing is true.

Have you ever been really worried before and you were stone sure this horrible thing was gonna happen and you were sure this was the end but it wasn't cause the thing didn't happen and nowadays you dont even think about it.

Statistically calculated: 90% of what we worry about don't come true

Often we worry about something because we think it seems so serious and usually forget to see how unlikely it really is. How big really is the probability of your thing.

Being worried means you're a caring,sensitive and good hearted person.

Is it possible that if another person was in your shoes that he or she would not be worried. For example some friend or one your parents. How do you think they would be reacting.

It's all gonna work out. Why not. It's all worked out until now. Before this worry started you were feeling quite fine, right. So for the whole of your life up til now it's all been working out. So correct me if I'm wrong but the chances that this little bugger isn't gonna work out is smaller than the chances of Jesus appearing at centre court at Wimbledon.

Have you worried alot before about stuff or have a tendancy to worry about things, people might even have commented on your worrying behaviour. If yes, good! That increases the chances that you are simply having one of your worrying spells again rather than that this catastrophy is going to happen.

See in your mind your inner staff of your own little guys being very concerned reasoning on how to solve this problem. You have a little general and he's saying. "This is not good. <your name> is not feeling good. We have got to help him." These little guys are always on your side no matter what.

Maybe not thinking the same thing but I tell you: there are people out there right now who are terribly worried and scared at this very moment and feel that their situation is so horrendous and without hope just like you and they feel terribly alone.

Hmmm... You're worried that something might be or might happen. Notice the word 'might'. So, it might NOT happen. If you were absolutely sure that it would happen than you'd probably be depressed rather than worried. So there is a theoretical chance that this might not happen.

Sometimes the world just sucks. Being put in this situation in the first place really sucked. Hey God, what was your thought behind this or were you at the bathroom when this happened?!

In the worst case it is a problem, a dilemma. And maybe there not being a solution to it you can always talk to someone about it. At least then you'll be two about the problem.

Gamble with your mother or whoever. Bet 5 $ that this thing is gonna happen and shell gladly bet against you cause in her mind theres no chance this thing is gonna happen.

Isn't the world incredible. Millions of years ago there were only organisms swashing around. Now we have people who can think and get worried and forget that they even exist.

Being chosen to be a human being was like winning the million dollar lottery. Most just get to be some small fish, or bacterias in some patch of dirt. Just being able to move your arm form left to right is a miracle. You are a miracle. Try it, wiggle your toes - that's what life really is about.

What do you normally enjoy doing. Go out and see a movie. Which ever one you like. A movie that you would like to see. You deserve it.

It's all gonna work out, I promise, Simon ,

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